All SaaS Should Be Tokenized

The focus of this piece is to highlight the important business models that social tokens and NFTs enable for services, software, and creators without 3rd party investment. We cover what tokenized access and subscriptions look like, ongoing experiments with the tech, as well as the numerous advantages over traditional SaaS. We purposefully don’t dive specifically into other important benefits that token economies can provide services willing to decentralize, such as governance, DAOs, etc. We mainly focus on the argument that all or most SaaS and creator businesses can and should tokenize subscriptions to their services.

Tokenized services are especially powerful for creators, allowing them to focus on providing a good service, finding customers who want the service (a market fit), and focusing on bringing that customer value. This is good for customers since they can pay less and have a better experience. It’s good for creators since they can sustain their businesses.

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